Building the new food hall 2016-2018


Östermalms Saluhall is an institution in Stockholm, a place for the enjoyment of food in a historic setting, which since 1888 provides high-quality ingredients and food from Swedish and international cuisines. Östermalms Saluhall also has the highest level in the Stockholm City Museum’s cultural classification. Östermalms Saluhall cultural and historical heritage is stored inside the walls, and makes the building extremely special, but its age also means that there is an unmet need of refurbishment. To celebrate another 125 years, the City of Stockholm is now planning to renovate one of Stockholm’s main venues Östermalms Saluhall and revitalize the building including recreating the original star-shaped floor plan from 1888.

The project is part of the city’s Vision 2030 for a world-class Stockholm and work to improve the entire area around Östermalms Saluhall with adjacent streets. The city wants to develop Östermalms Saluhall to become one of the world’s premier venues for food and dining experiences.

Responsible for the project is the City of Stockholm, through the Real Estate Department (Fastighetskontoret) that manages the property.


The renovation of Östermalms Saluhall assumes its period character and traditional values​​. The hall retains its warm and friendly atmosphere and the building’s original star-shaped floor plan from 1888 is recreated. The developed layout improves the availability, opening up to more space for additional venues and highlights the building’s original architecture.

The renovation also means connecting Östermalms Saluhall to the neighboring property south of the main building. Two glazed courtyards will be created to surrounding restaurants and the entrance to Nybrogatan.


To renovate a building of great historical value must be done correctly. At the same time, we are anxious to be done as soon as possible. The renovations are expected to last for about two years. The 9th of April 2016 Östermalms Saluhall will close and on the 14th of April 2016 the traders are opening their stores in the temporary market hall on Östermalmstorg. Östermalms Saluhall is then scheduled to re-open the original building to the public on the 26th of April 2018.

Temporary food hall at Östermalmstorg

During the renovation period from april 2016, all merchants will conduct their business in a temporary covered market hall (Pavilion) at Östermalmstorg. The temporary market hall is built in simple but cheap materials and will have a high standard of design.

You can follow the construction of the temporary food hall at Instagram here.


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Olle Henriksson. Project Manager, City of Stockholm.

Linda Laine. Communication Strategist, City of Stockholm.

Questions regarding the facilities or business inquiries as a trader in Östermalms Saluhall: Jeff Gustafsson, Property Manager, City of Stockholm. E-mail:

Press Inquiries, Östermalms Saluhall: Lina Bielsten

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