Established in 1928

Vete-Katten was founded in 1928 by a particularly forthright lady by the name of Ester Nordhammar. It's said that the name came about when Ester was asked what the place would be called and answered: “Ja, det vete katten”, which in Swedish can mean both “the cat knows” and “the wheat cat”. Somebody must have liked the spontaneity and wordplay of this, so the name stuck.

Yes, Vete-Katten is a Stockholm institution – written about, spoken about and above all visited, by most Stockholmers, both well-known and unknown, from Greta Garbo´s time to the current day. We carry the torch for a long Swedish baking tradition of which we are proud and feel a great responsibility to continue.

For us this means that we make all our pastries and bread from scratch, using the best ingredients we can find and with no additives whatsoever. We don't take any shortcuts and let things take the time they need.

The bakery, service area, our venerated coffee rooms and a larger shop can be found at Kungsgatan 55, where it's always been. And now we're immensely proud, and pleased, to be at Östermalmshallen as well. And even if the shop is a little smaller and doesn't offer table service, the atmosphere and the warm hospitality are the just the same.

We hope to see you soon!