Östermalms Saluhall Magazine

Download the latest issue (Swedish only): Östermalms Saluhall Magazine No.2 2018

Östermalms Saluhall was elected to the world’s seventh best food hall by the international award-winning magazine Bon Appétit. The beautiful brick cathedral is a temple in Stockholm for the bon vivants who appreciate top-quality ingredients and its proper handling, which is the soul of the daily work in the food hall. Personal meetings with visitors and customers as well as the high level of knowledge has always been a hallmark for all traders in Östermalms Saluhall, many of whom have been here for generations.

In June 2010 their very own exclusive magazine was launched and distributed to loyal guests – an affluent target group – and has since the premiere attracted several strong brand advertisers. The magazine is a regular journal that is intended to nurture frequent customers of the food hall, and enable a closer relationship to all partners. There is no segmentation by annual income, average age or gender, rather it’s a magazine for people who appreciate “la joie de vivre” and who are willing to pay for the high quality of life they actively care about. The team creating the magazine focus on a high degree of legibility.

Anyone who is interested in life-affirming experiences in general and of food and ingredients of the highest quality, in particular, will find stories of inspiration and practical advice in terms of food and drink culture. In addition, we highlight anecdotes gathered during the hall’s 130 active years and meet interesting, both Swedish and International, personalities. The printed edition is 10 000 copies, with two issues per year, and distributed to our most loyal visitors and business partners. The food hall has approximately 200 000 visitors each month. Total reach is over 30 000 readers per issue and also thousands views online of each magazine. Catchment area is extended due to distribution through various strategic partners around the local area, for example, hotels, exclusive fitness centers and restaurants within the traders own network.

The magazine is only available in Swedish!

We look forward to continue this inspiring journey with traders, partners and especially with our loyal and dedicated customers!

Lina Bielsten

Editor in Chief

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