Beirut Café

Millennia-old food traditions that are up with the times


The arrival of Beirut Café marks the entry of the Mediterranean’s original, varied and at the same time nutrious food culture into Östermalms Saluhall. Here we encounter the numerous natural, pure flavours of the ancient yet constantly renewed Lebanese cuisine in all their tasty and subtly spiced variety.

Meze, the countless breathtaking small dishes, tempts us with its fantastic variety of well balanced flavours – exciting and piquant, but free of obtrusive excesses.


And Lebanese cuisine as a whole is equally tempting. This cuisine is remarkable for its refined simplicity that brings out its natural flavours and nutrious character.


All sorts of fresh vegetables are combined with creatively spiced meat, chicken and fish. The result is an unusually appetising menu, rich in vitamins and nutrition. Always inviting when served at your table, always easy and fun to prepare at home.

You’ll find everything you need, spices, deli products and accompaniments in Beirut Café Deli’s unique assortment.

Drop in and try for yourself! With personal service, good ideas, and informed answers to all your questions. Beirut Café Deli is an unusually pleasant shortcut to the best that Lebanon has to offer – your backdoor to the magic of the Levant.

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Östermalms Saluhall
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Mon-Fri      9:30-19:00

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